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In the beginning God created the west and the east.

And the east was without porn, and void; and horniness was upon the artists of the east. And the Spirit of God moved upon the page of the artists.

And God said, Let there be cartoon tiddies: and there were cartoon tiddies.

And God saw the hentai, that it was good: and God divided the hentai from the 3D smut.

People have been syncing clips of anime to their favorite songs since roughly the 6th century BC, but with the creation of the world wide web it became much easier to share these ungodly creations across the globe. By the early 2000s, editors had also already begun using hentai as source material for a new breed of XXX-rated AMVs, quickly deemed “HMVs”. These were oftentimes comedic in nature, in the style of ‘AMV Hell’ videos, but as the decade went on, more and more videos were made to be legitimately used as masturbation fodder. In 2006, editor NGSilver set out to collect and present all adult-oriented AMVs in one location, which you can still visit here. This became the hub for HMVs for several years, until an ongoing HMV general thread appeared on 4chan’s /h/ board.

Scholars disagree on when the first /hmv/ thread was, but it is generally agreed to be somewhere between 2010 and 2011. Unlike NGSilver’s archive, these HMVs were meant exclusively for masturbation, with a small number of comedic exceptions(see: ‘HMV Heaven’ by Sunny). Videos were sometimes released anonymously, making it difficult to attribute the creation of some HMVs from this time, such as Rikka Fellatio, to one editor or another. As the thread quickly became recurring, named editors, such as Musicvideoguy, lixil, Happywater, and Eternal_Crim, became the norm. In order to keep track of past releases, editors would link to folders of their videos hosted on Solidfiles or Mediafire at the start of every thread.

By 2013-14, /hmv/ was roaring, with streams occurring weekly on livestream.com, hosted by multiple different users such as Discharge, AltHent and FapSquared. At the same time, editors new and old were putting out new HMVs regularly, including Ayachuco, who made over 100 HMVs in 2013 alone. Many editors in the thread also communicated via Chatzy to release 2 massive collaborative videos, in 2013 and 2014 respectively. There were several torrents compiled with collections of HMVs, but on New Years Day 2014, FapSquared launched the first torrent with a complete collection of HMVs produced via the 4chan thread, which is still updated periodically. Overall, this time is commonly referred to as “The Golden Age”.

In this same timeframe we saw the beginning years of Fap Heros. Cock Heros, edging challenges that require the viewer masturbate to the beat a la “Guitar Hero” without cumming, had already existed since 2010-2011, including “Cock Hero - Hentai Edition” which came out in 2012, serving as a prototype for Fap Hero. In the Summer of 2013, OPisaFaggot, seeking to mix HMVs with Cockheros,  released the original, nearly 50 minute-long “Fap Hero”, which exploded in popularity fairly quickly, especially on /h/. People in the /hmv/ thread deemed the project too different from normal HMVs, and soon Fap Hero had its own recurring thread on /h/, where OPisaFag would post updates on FH 2 and ask for feedback and suggestions. Progress was slow, and anons were growing impatient. In the summer of 2014, Gu released his first FapHero, which was very well received despite, or perhaps due to, its lack of a host.

In September of 2014 OPisaFag officially announced that there would be no FapHero 2 from him, as computer problems had caused him to lose all of the files and progress. This inspired much outrage, and anons claimed the whole thing had been a scam, citing his continued deadline extensions and the donations he had received for the work so far. They did not go without FHs for long, however, as in October Gu released his 2nd (and final) FH, followed by YourWorstNightmare’s “Hell” in December, and Bastati’s “Startrack” and “Paradise” in early 2015. From here, more and more editors began to appear, and FapHeros began to be released in more than one language, such as Sax’s “Seductive Grimoire” (2015), which was available in French, and Soulball Nanaya’s “Forbidden Paradise”(2016), which was available in Spanish. In February 2016, the first collaborative FH, “Valentine” by Bastati and PsychoSplash, was released. Around this same time, Bastati became the first FH editor to launch their own Patreon, a move many editors have since followed suit with and which almost always causes controversy, especially in the /h/ FH thread.

Meanwhile, 2015 saw many changes in the /hmv/ community, and is referred to by some as “The Dark Age”. Many of the older editors began to either retire or slow down their video output, leaving a massive drought of releases in the thread. Mediafire, where most editors hosted their HMVs, removed the ability for viewers to stream videos without downloading, and given that mega.nz, the main alternative, did not have streaming capability either, many editors began also uploading their videos to sites such as XHamster and Pornhub. Anons soon found other editors who exclusively posted to these sites and began posting their works in the thread to combat the drought of releases. The same year, an anon launched HMVtube.com, the first streaming site specifically for HMVs, which got low traffic but remained online for the majority of the year, before shutting down in December. In the summer of 2015, BeeEAZY assembled all HMVs into a single GoogleDrive, allowing for easy access for both streaming and downloading. It was taken down by Google in April of 2016 for openly displaying pornography. Soon after, BeeEAZY moved all the HMVs into a single mega.nz folder, which he still maintains, pays for, and updates here.

In 2016, the /hmv/ thread began seeing a steady output of HMVs once again, as some older editors, such as Ayachuco, began to return, and a new ‘2nd generation’ of editors arose, some posting in the thread, but many being unaware of the thread entirely. These ‘outside editors’ had simply seen various HMVs uploaded to streaming sites and started creating and uploading their own as well, creating a loose secondary HMV community on Pornhub and XHamster. These videos were often linked to the thread by various anons without the creator’s knowledge, sometimes resulting in fanbases that editors didn’t even know they had.

Weekly streams, which had all but vanished in 2015, began returning to /hmv/ as well. Since livestream.com’s chat function had grown laggy and slow over the years, BeeEAZY also launched the HMV Discord server, originally meant as a faster chatbox for the weekly streams, it quickly replaced Chatzy as the main (but still largely quiet) HMV chatroom for creators and fans alike. In January 2016, Bastati launched the 1st FapHero Discord server, meant as a place for /h/ anons and FH fans from streaming sites to mingle and talk. It quickly grew to large numbers and became a lively hub for discussion. Disputes and drama amongst the moderation staff led to many creators and fans to abandon it for a new FH Discord only a few months later, which became the new primary server after the 1st soon shut down. In early 2017, editors such as RacyAlice, who made HMVs as well as FHs, argued that the server should be a place for both types of video, and reached out to editors from /hmv/ and Pornhub alike, who slowly joined throughout the Spring. The server’s name was changed from “Fap Hero” to “Fap Hub” in the Summer of 2017 to reflect this merge.

In November of 2016, PsychoSplash launched FapHero.org, a simple FapHero streaming site, which was updated to Version 2 in the Summer of 2017, featuring a sleeker look, forums, video sorting, and support for full-sized .mp4 files instead of smaller .webms. In the Spring of 2017, Kami Alice organized the Summer Fap Hero tournament, announcing that creators had until July 21st to create a Fap Hero within certain guidelines that would be voted upon by a panel of judges. Prize money (provided by Bastati and PsychoSplash) was promised to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. The tournament saw many submissions in the following months, including several from first-time editors, such as Raptor, who went on to take the grand prize for “Super Fap Hero Turbo”. 2nd place went to Nanashi for “Fap Out”, and 3rd went to Soulball Nanaya for “straeH esreveR”. In November of 2017, Bastati announced his official retirement from Fap Hero creation after his next release. “Ainz”, his final FH, was released on Christmas Day, 2017.

In the fall of 2017, editors set out to create a third /hmv/ collab, which slowly gathered submissions from not only editors from 4chan, but from the Fap Hub discord as well, before being released in early 2018. In February of 2018, after 2 years of activity, the 2nd FH discord was shut down after being reported for loli content. A 3rd server was launched within the same day, and is still active. Around this same time, FapHero.org V2 was shut down, to be replaced by FapHub.org (the site you’re on now!) a month later.

As of writing this (April 2018), HMVs and Fap Heros do not share one singular ‘community’, but rather exist in 3 intersecting sub-communities. Some fans stick exclusively to the threads on /h/, knowing that, should all else fail, 4chan is eternal. Some wade through the seas of releases on Pornhub or Xhamster, in search of a diamond in the rough. Some stay on the discord servers, waiting for announcements of new releases from editors new and established. Most exist in some space in-between, making use of 2 or even all 3 means for finding well-synced smut, the horny bastards. Wherever videos may be found you can trust that we here at FapHub.org will work to include them all in one cleanly organized space.

If you have any concerns about this history’s accuracy or completeness, message Ryan Hardo at ryanhardosama@gmail.com, or on Discord @R_Hardo#7564.