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Site is back

PsychoSplash -
2019-07-26 03:50:42

as it says. site is back up.
Thanks to a generous donation from a user that for now shall remain anonymous and also thanks to Bastati for sharing his patron income.

I'm also reinvigorated because of the interest shown once the website was shut down...

I will try to fix a few things these next few days but expect the website to act odd at times. The testing server has not yet been set up so I testing additions to the code-base right here on the live server.

Shutting down

PsychoSplash -
2019-06-22 18:56:21

So... I'm afraid I have to shut down the server from the start of next month until November at the soonest. The reason is that I got  new job. I have to pay for the transport and it's not cheep. After 3 months time I get a raise and can then start paying for the server again.

The monthly fee for the server is $99 usd. and except for one dedicated person who donates $9 every month, I have been paying it out of my own pocket. Reasons for this are numerous. Like not wanting to piss off people who donated when i fail to deliver on time.

I also do not want to try and fund the server costs with adds primarily because I hate adds.

I have been trying to secure funds for the server but with no luck. Only thing left is to ask for donations... And i don't want that level of responsibility as i clearly can't manage it.

Hope you guys understand.
Remember... This is only temporary.

Server Update.

PsychoSplash -
2019-04-07 22:20:26

We are updating the server tomorrow 8th of April 2019. Expect Some downtime.

mean while I would like to thank you all for the continued support of the website.
I'm sorry that there are not much new in the way of FapHeroes but we are at least seeing regular uploads now that the upload system works.

We have been discussing the matter of making the upload system available for all users but right now the problem simply is we have to much traffic. I'm afraid that allowing every user that is registered to upload will simply lock up the server.

With that said I am working on a tired system where users can get their account upgraded by the mods so they can upload. Not requiring you to visit us on discord or anything.

I would also like to thank you guys for the help with listening to my music. it has been a great help. Though SoundCloud is making it hard on my by saying most of my listens are bots or some shit like that.

I hope for your continued support.

Torrent and stuff.

PsychoSplash -
2019-02-24 15:13:42

So we have a new torrent for Fapheros up and running. hopefully you will consider using that instead of downloading from the website directly ;)

In other news. You may not be seeing any changes on the website but that does not mean i'm not working on it at the moment.
What i'm working on is a moderator system and weighted tags.

What is weighted tags you ask?
Well.. it's tags you can vote on. and depending on how many negative and positive votes a tag on a specific video has. It will show up and you will be able to sort by tags and tag weight.

Now to plug myself a little. Some of you may know that I also make music.
I have a soundcloud account and I'm in need of a little help. I need 1000 plays on my account in under a month. if I get this I will be able to put my music on the following platforms.
Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Pandora and Napster.
This would be a pretty big deal for me.

For your consideration here is my latest track. WIP